Your Questions About Firefox

Ruth asks…

What is up with firefox?

What is the difference between
Firefox beta 6
Aurora 7
and nightly 8
im very confused

Tom Trindell answers:

Release Candidate (RC), Beta, Aurora, and Nightly are Firefox’s different stages of development.
Nightly –> Aurora –> Beta –> Release Candidate (RC) –> Firefox

Firefox 6 beta will develop into Firefox 6 Release Candidate, and then into Firefox 6

Firefox Aurora 7 will develop into Firefox 7 beta, then it will develop into Firefox 7 Release Candidate, and then into Firefox 7

Firefox Nightly 8 will develop into Firefox Aurora 8, and then it will develop into Firefox 8 beta, then it will develop into Firefox 8 Release Candidate, and then into Firefox 8

Sharon asks…

what is so good about firefox?

what is different about firefox then internet explorer?

Tom Trindell answers:

Up until Internet Explorer 7, Firefox was tabbed while IE was not. They are both tabbed now.

The most important difference is security, as Internet Explorer is in my estimation the root of the vast majority of malware issues.

There is also more customizability for Firefox, with tons of user-created extensions. Internet Explorer is also a bit slow in drawing pages, although I wouldn’t exactly call Firefox lightning fast either.

However, I recommend other browsers about Firefox, such as K-Meleon (my top choice), Opera, or Orca. K-Meleon and Orca both run on the Gecko (Firefox) engine, but have a different layout and options, which as a result have them running more quickly than Firefox.

Sandra asks…


how do i hook up with firefox internet

Tom Trindell answers:

Firefox takes you to the same internet as any other browser.

If you’re asking how to get Firefox, download it from

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Your Questions About Firefox

Maria asks…

Firefox keeps crashing…?

I’m on Vista and lately Firefox has been crashing several times a day.

Tom Trindell answers:

Close Firefox and then run” Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)” given in

start menu –>All programs–>Mozilla Firefox–>Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)

Try to un-install or disable all Add-ons. If Firefox run in it’s safe mode then ur fox have no serious problem. Other wise un-install it and install a clean installation of Firefox :-)

Sandra asks…

firefox crash problem?

I have firefox 12.0 installed as my browser. It often crashes and prompts me to restart firefox. What is the problem and how could I fix it?

Tom Trindell answers:

Run Firefox safe mode by pressing Alt or click on the orange Firefox tab if it is visible. Go to Help > Restart Firefox with add-ons disabled > Reset all preferences to Firefox defaults > Make changes and restart.

See if that matters.

You may also check which of your add-ons is causing the browser to crash by disabling everything and enabling them one at a time.

Carol asks…

how do you delete firefox?

i want regular internet again. how do i delete firefox. help!!?!

Tom Trindell answers:

Firefox is regular internet, just not Internet Explorer puree’.

Start>settings>control panel>add remove programs> now select (highlight) Firefox and click the uninstall button to remove the program (and commit a certifiable mistake).

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Your Questions About Firefox

Maria asks…

Firefox 6 doesn’t work?

After just upgrading to Firefox 6, whenever I try to open the browser, no screen pops up. The process is still there when i use ctrl+alt+del, but there’s no window.

I’ve re-installed firefox and it still doesn’t work… help?

Tom Trindell answers:

Firefox 6 isn’t worth the upgrade time. (yuck)
I would delete Firefox off of your computer and reinstall Firefox 3.6

Sandra asks…

Should I download Firefox 3 RC1?

I am currently using Firefox 2 and would like to know the disadvantages and advantages of Firefox 3 RC1. And if I decide to install do I need to uninstall Firefox 2?

Tom Trindell answers:

I like firefox, because of the many add-on’s.. I have found several good add-on’s, but discovered, that after I downloaded Firefox 3 , all my add-on’s did not work any more. Not compatable with Firefox 3. I therefore went back to Firefox 2 and will wait,untill the add-on’s also work under Firefox 3

Chris asks…

myspace not properly working with firefox 3?

I just download firefox 3 and for some reason i cant click nothin on myspace.I cant send messages,comments or friend requests.I have no problem doing it with firefox 2 though.Is there anyway I can fix this problem?

Tom Trindell answers:

Uninstalled Firefox 3 and Re-Install Firefox 2:

I use to have Firefox 3, and I had alot of problems with it, so I went back to Firefox 2.


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Your Questions About Fafsa

Lizzie asks…

I have a question about the FAFSA?

I completed the FAFSA but when I had to complete the Pin’s I had problem. When i applied for the Parent Pin (my dad) it worked fine, his was good, but when I applied for mine it kept saying the information i put in the pin does not match the social security administration info. So, I’m just wondering when I call them and resolve it, my fafsa will still be good right?

Tom Trindell answers:

Yes, your FAFSA will still be good. Once you resolve the issue, be sure the SSN you entered on FAFSA matches what the Social Security Administration has. Please keep in mind that your FAFSA is still incomplete as you need to sign the FAFSA with your PIN. You could always print out the signature page and mail that to FAFSA as well. However, this is a longer process versus signing the FAFSA with your pin.

Sharon asks…

Fafsa 2013??????????

Is it true that if I fill out my fafsa on January 1st 2013…. I could get more money than if I fill it out a month later? Could I fill it out now, save it, then submit it on January 1st?

Tom Trindell answers:

Filling out FAFSA without submitting it…. Does nothing
you need your and/or your parent’s tax info for 2012 in order to file for 2013-2014 FAFSA…. So you will have to wait until you have that available — most W2 come in the mail by Feb 1. Talk with parents about filing taxes early instead of waiting so you can do data import tool to get their tax data properly into FAFSA

and, early filing only helps with things like work-study, etc…. When your school processes it.
So, you file FAFSA early & you do everything your school ask you to do for admissions & for Fin Aid early… If there are any applications for State Fin Aid, you do those early as well

this way, when the school is processing & things like work-study that are first come, first serve are evaluated, then maybe there is some left that can be applied to you

some state aid is completely first come, first serve… Some use FAFSA & others use separate forms for the state itself

Paul asks…

Why do I fill out a FAFSA?

What is the Fafsa for? Why do I fill it out? I know they dont give me any money, so why is it I fill out?

Tom Trindell answers:

The FAFSA is the doorway to financial aid.

If you need student loans the Stafford loan and Parent Plus loan have about the best interest rates and repayment terms out there.

You cannot utilized these unless you complete the FAFSA, regardless whether you qualify for grants or not.

If you don’t complete the FAFSA you either have to be a cash pay student or apply for an alternative education loan.

The alternative education loans generally will require you to have a credit worthy co-signer (670 or higher) and typically come with 10 plus % interest rates.

I hope this answers your question.

Good Luck to you.

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Your Questions About Food Network

Daniel asks…

Travel channel or food network? about houston bbq, tamale, kolache.?

what was the show call? i wanted to check out the bbq n the kolache. it was on either the travel channel or food network i forgot

Tom Trindell answers:

Food Network

Michael asks…

Was Next Food Network Star fixed by the network?

Possible spoiler alert: If you don’t want a tip off as to who wins then don’t read.

The semi-final episode where they decided to carry all 3 contestants into the finals was suspicious considering it was pretty clear to me which two should have advanced after the poor performance of the third. Now that Food Network accidently revealed the results of the final episode before it airs and the winner is the person who should have went home, it sure seems like they had the winner selected at least 2 weeks ago.

If you want to see who won (or I should say who will win) click here:¤t=oops3.png
Sorry the link no longer works. Food Network had posted interviews on the contestants pages. Adam and Lisa’s were labeled “exit interviews” while Aaron’s was labeled “Winning Moment”.

Tom Trindell answers:

It was fixed from the beginning. Aaron wasn’t spectacular in any episode and I sure as hell never saw this “great personality” that the judges were always touting about. In the semi final episode Aaron was described as having “7 great weeks, 1 really bad week.” Really??? I recall him and Adam serving undercooked eggs in episode 2. Granted, the food was Adam’s fault but Adam excelled in his presentation whereas Aaron bombed. Hardly a “great week”. His potato presentation in week 3 was so so, his fish was dry in week 4, in week 7 he wouldn’t have even finished his chicken parmesan without an assist from Lisa. So how does this translate to “7 great weeks”? The fact is he only had 1 great week, average to below average the rest. Now consider this, on the Rachel Ray episode where Aaron did great, who had the cutest, most adorable girl scout? Aaron did. That girl was so cute she could’ve made Nipa look good. Jump ahead 2 weeks to the semi final challenges. Guy Fieri was given charge over coaching Lisa and Adam on their promos while Bobby Flay coached Aaron. Let’s face it.. Guy sucked as a coach, in fact he was kinda like.. A jerk. On the other hand Aaron got some great personal coaching from Bobby Flay hmm.. Then they follow up with a controversial decision to bring all 3 of them into the finals despite the fact that there was 1 OBVIOUS loser for that challenge. Aaron put on the absolute worst performance EVER on this show and they can’t make the decision to send him packing?! And now you’re telling me the guy who got a free ride last week won the final challenge?? What a joke, please don’t insult my intelligence. Of the 3 pilot presentations, Adam’s presentation was the most creative and entertaining. Lisa’s presentation was just as good as Aaron’s, plus she came off as more knowledgeable about her food. Anyways, Gee! Big surprise when they announced Aaron as the winner. Thank you for watching “The Next Fixed Network Star.” 😛

Sandra asks…

who was eliminated last night on the next food network star?

7/6/08 next food network star elimination

Tom Trindell answers:

Everyone is right, it was Shane. He did a very bad job on Rachel Ray’s show and didn’t even remember the poor little girls name. I felt bad for her because he ignored her the whole time.
I actually like Kelsey. She didn’t do very well last night because, imo, the judges are confusing her. They tell her to be more assertive and when she does, they shoot her down. But last night she didn’t do much as far as cooking and had the little girl and Rachel do all the work. However, I think she should win. She has a very upbeat personality and I think her youth would be a good additive to the Food Network. She def knows her food and has a very likeable personality.
Arron is OK but I think he is boring and doesn’t bring anything exciting to the table. He’s just sorta ‘there’. Lisa, although she has improved, is a little rough around the edges and is too stressed all the time. She makes me nervous and uneasy when I watch her. The funny guy, i think his name is Adam, doesn’t have the food knowledge to pull it off. Just my thoughts!

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