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Vespa Seat

Teen daughter and son are riding a vespa to school each morning. is this safe? My two high schools kids, Misty and Dusty have had a very neg at tude about riding the old bus to schools. my husband Trois and I had a family meet and decided to buy them a motored scoot to […]


Indian Scooters

A Scooter Trip I Hope To Remember: Part 1 Growing up in India, I was a boy with a dream. India, when I grew up, was the scooter capital of the world. In a society where only people who earned six figures could afford four wheels, the scooter was the savior of the middle class. […]


Vespa 50 Special Parts

What brands of mascara are the best? More Best Brand questions please visit : What brands of HARMONICAS are easiest to bend beside?I have a set of Hohner Special 20’s. These are so hard to bend near. I can do it, but I always feel resembling it is harder than it needs to be. […]


Vespa S

The Vespa The Vespa is Internationally renowned as an icon of Italian design, freedom and style. The Vespa was designed by D’Ascanio and born in 1946. In post 2nd World War Italy, Enrico Piaggio decided that Italy needed a vehicle to get the Italians moving again. (The Fiat 500 shares a similar success story). The […]


Vespa Piaggio 150

The Two-wheeler Industry in India The two-wheeler industry in India has grown rapidly in the country since the announcement of the process of liberalization in 1991 by the then finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, now Prime Minister of India. Previously, there were only a handful of two-wheeler models available in the country. Currently, India is […]