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Gtr 150

Refrigerator car – china 12PSB Test Bench – CRI Tester manufacturer History Background Illinois Central Railroad #14713, a ventilated fruit car dating from 1893. After the end of the American Civil War, Chicago, Illinois emerged as a major railway center for the distribution of livestock raised on the Great Plains to Eastern markets. Getting the […]


Vespa Pk

smallframe vespa scooters? im looking to buy a scooter and i really want a px, i was sitting on it and its nearly as big as me lol im 5’1. are pk’s primavera’s or 50 specials, less reliable as their older??. Thanks if u help There all very reliable, compared to the other plastic scooters […]


Vespa Primavera

Would a 50cc cylinder fit a 125 vespa primavera engine? I have a 125 primavera and would like to convert it to a 50cc, is it possible to put a smaller cylinder on it? possible to put a smaller cylinder ? Probably- but unlikely to find a 50cc cylinder kit readily available that size. Minerelli […]


Piaggio 125

Scooter Carb problems? Hi there, I brought a scooter that had been sat for a few years yesterday very cheap, however i cant seem to get it to start, so nay help you guys can give me would be very helpful. The bike itself is a piaggio super hexagon GTX 125. I have checked the […]


Vespa Px 200 E

vespa px 200 e streetracer style