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Vespa Px Exhaust

vespa px simmonni exhaust


Vespa Rally 200

Where can I research year by year prices for Vespa built before 1980? year by year prices, I’m looking at a 1976 Vespa Rally 200. contact these guys For Sale: 1974 Vespa Rally 200


Vespa Px 150

Which scooter should I get? They cost the same: 2005 Vespa PX 150 (2 stroke) or a new Aprilia Scarabeo 200 (4 stroke). I live in Louisiana where it freezes maybe once a year, so no storage which I heard can mess up a 2stroke engine. I heard 2 stroke engines wear out faster, but […]


Vespa Headset

where can I buy Vespa headset cover? I put a screw through the headset cover on my 2007 vespa lx150. (the side that has the horn, turn-signals, cluster, etc. Where can I get the least expensive replacement part, or least expensive headset (if I must get the entire thing). look on eBay, Craigslst, or search […]


Piaggio Vespa

What is the full cost for a 50cc second hand vespa/moped? Hi, i’m about to turn 16 and am saving up for a second hand, 50cc piaggio vespa. I was wondering what the full cost of would it be? Like the insurance, MOT, tax, the actual vespa its self and everything else. If there’s any […]