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Your Questions About Vespa

Steven asks… Vespa?!?!!!? I have been thinking about getting a vespa for a while now. I dont have a liscence, is it legal for me to drive on in Florida. What model should I get? Is it reliable? Where can I get cool accesories for I. Tom Trindell answers: Do you want a Vespa, or […]


Your Questions About Vespa Motor Scooter

Mark asks… Where can i get a good deal on a Vespa/Motor Scooter? I’m am looking into getting a Vespa/ Motor Scooter. I was looking at the Piaggio FLY 50 for $1,899 / FLY150 for $2,899, I know there has to be a better deal somewhere. So if anyone knows of a good site or […]


Your Questions About Vespa Los Angeles

Michael asks… How much would it cost to ship my Vespa scooter from Madrid(Spain)to Los Angeles>? Tom Trindell answers: Http:// there are a few good companys that have very reasonable rates for international shipping Paul asks… Is it save to have a vespa in Los Angeles? I commute from Norwalk to Lakewood and my car […]


Your Questions About Vespa Parts

Nancy asks… vespa parts? does anyone know where i can get a fuel tank for a 1981 vespa 50 special. Tom Trindell answers: I hate 2 say this. But have u tried Ebay? Check b4 u buy that the seller has a good reputation & u can’t go wrong. Or try a motorcycle breakers. Look […]


Your Questions About Vespa Scooter

Joseph asks… How can I move my vespa scooter from the sellers house? I just recenty purchased a vespa scooter but i need to get it over to my house. i dont want to pay for a tow truck an di dont have any friends with a pick up truck. Is there an a to […]