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Your Questions About Fedex

Helen asks… How often does FedEx update their tracking results? I recently bought a computer and it is being shipped to me in Florida via FedEx. It says my anticipated ship date was Feb 10, 2010, and then it also says that the shipment information was sent to Fedex on the 10th of February. But […]


Your Questions About Fandango

Sandra asks… How can i reprint my fandango tickets without an account? i bought fandango tickets a while ago for an upcoming movie and lost the confirmation paper that i printed out. i dont have an account either, and i deleted the confirmation email. it is also not in my recently deleted cause i bought […]


Your Questions About Fafsa

Maria asks… What does fafsa do with your parents information? Okay, so you submit their tax info and social security. They just check that is accurate and the social security is real? Do they run any further information? Reason why I ask is because my dad doesn’t feel comfortable if fafsa would call his welfare […]


Your Questions About Forever 21

Sharon asks… How much does Forever 21 pay their assistant managers? Do you know how much Forever 21 pays their assistant managers? Have you ever worked for Forever 21 before? Tom Trindell answers: It depends on your states minimum wage laws. In Michigan, the associates get paid $7.40 and the assistant managers get $1 more. […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

Mandy asks… How can i login to facebook on my computer? My sons computer is out of service until next week we don’t live close to each other so he gave me his information to login but it keeps telling me its the wrong e-mail address do i have to logout to make this work […]