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Your Questions About Fafsa

Nancy asks… Can you still send in your FAFSA if you dont have a drivers license? I was planning to send in my Fafsa today, but I cant find my drivers license anywhere! The Fafsa asks for a drivers license number. Can I still send it in if I dont have one? And will it […]


Your Questions About Funbrain

Susan asks… Does anyone know a good website like funbrain to play free online arcade games? Tom Trindell answers: Chris asks… whats the funbrain code to pass mightguy 2? Hey im looking for the funbrain code to pass mightguy 2 as im really stuck on it but i want to […]


Your Questions About Food Network

Donald asks… How do you become a Food Network Challenge mystery client? I would like to know how to enter to become a Food Network challenge mystery client. Tom Trindell answers: May I suggest going to their website and searching for the rules. I think you’ll find your answer there. Good luck! Nancy asks… I […]


Your Questions About Firefox

Sandy asks… What Firefox Extension can I get to download streaming videos from sites? I’m wanting to download some videos from various different sites like youtube, Google videos, and a few other sites for my entertainment at home. I’ve downloaded an extension from Media Converter for Firefox, but I don’t see it anywhere. Can someone […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

James asks… How to get rid of the facebook login security check? Suddenly there is a captcha when I want to log in to facebook, as it says “You have a high number of invalid login attempts for your account.” I’ve now reset and changed my password, but the captcha check remains… how to get […]