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Your Questions About Funbrain

Chris asks… Funbrain..Do you know the password to the one after the level that says COMING SOON? The coming soon one is.. pirate4 but do u know the…. .. . . . . . .one after it is?? or are they also closed? Tom Trindell answers: Try ‘pirate5′. Michael asks… I NEED FUNBRAIN CODES? I […]


Your Questions About Food Network

Chris asks… how can you be an audience member for the food network challenge? I really want to go see a taping for the food network challenge but I cant seem to find any information on the challenge not even on the food network website, please help me! Tom Trindell answers: Only a select few […]


Your Questions About Forever 21

Lizzie asks… How do you get to Forever 21 in Shinjuku? How do you get to the store Forever 21 in Shinjuku from the Shinjuku train station? Which exit from the train station do I have to take? Directions would be helpful thank you Tom Trindell answers: From the Yamanote line head towards the Hyatt […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

Steven asks… How am I supposed to tell Facebook I need my confirmation code texted to me if I can’t login? I need my confirmation code texted to me again in order to login to Facebook. But in order to do that I have to login which I can’t do without my confirmation code. This […]


Your Questions About Firefox

Helen asks… Whats the difference between firefox, google chrome, and internet explorer? I’ve always had internet explorer and I never used anything else. What can google chrome and firefox do that internet explorer cant? Tom Trindell answers: 1) The ECMAScript interpreters are different. IE crawls on complex Javascript. Firefox is much faster. Chrome is faster […]