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Your Questions About Food Network

Daniel asks… Does anyone know where I can watch the full episode of Food Network Caters Your Hawaiian Wedding? I have been surfing the internet to find where I can watch the full episode of Food Network Caters your Hawaiian Wedding, but have not been successful. Any suggestions? Tom Trindell answers: You should be able […]


Your Questions About Fafsa

Mark asks… My income is dramatically different from when I filled out FAFSA, how can I get more aid? When I filled out the FAFSA form for this years financial aid, they asked for my income information from two years ago. Back then I was making significantly more money than I am now. I feel […]


Your Questions About Facebook

Maria asks… How a company can use Facebook to target a specific market for their Product/Service? Also, with Facebook, one can choose the demographics and target the marketing Tom Trindell answers: Http:// Go their .. All the informations you need .. Good luck and have a great day .. . Michael asks… How can i […]


Your Questions About Fox News

Charles asks… Why is Fox News to conservatives the same as crack is to drug addict? You can tell this by Fox News high ratings among the less informed. Tom Trindell answers: Fox News and Conservatives share a symbiotic relationship, they continuously stroke each others egos, and one cannot survive without the others positive reinforcement. […]


Your Questions About Fandango

Charles asks… I am wondering does AMC theaters accept Fandango gift cards? I got a Fandango gift card for Christmas and am having trouble finding a theater that accepts it. Does AMC accept fandango cards? Tom Trindell answers: What is your policy on tickets purchased through Tickets purchased through can be used at […]