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Your Questions About Firefox

Chris asks… How can download firefox without getting rid of my internet explorer? I downloaded firefox and i removed it because everytime i download it it gets rid of my internet explorer and i need them both. So how could i download firefox with it not getting rid of my internet explorer? can you give […]


Your Questions About Fafsa

Mary asks… How long should I wait until a university offers financial aid after applying for a FAFSA? It’s been months since I applied for a FAFSA. I sent the application to 10 universities. The Fall semester is so near, but I haven’t received any emails that imply any possibilities for me to receive financial […]


Your Questions About Fedex

Richard asks… How am i going to get my parcel from dhl or fedex if i’m always not at home daytime? I recently intended to something online, they will use DHL or Fedex to deliver the goods to me but my worry is how will the DHL or Fedex do the delivery if I’m not […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

Richard asks… Where do unwanted links to Facebook in an email come from? Ok, A friend and I are emailing back and forth and in our last two correspondences appear really long links to the Facebook login page(my end) and Rod’s western wear (her end). We did not add these to our e-mails. Where did […]


Your Questions About Funbrain

John asks… How can I focus on mastering my multiplication facts? Im 14 & still trying to remeber them. I cant stay focused & kids younger then me know how to do them. I hate it & i really need ways to make it intresting & to were I can focuse. Please help! Tom Trindell […]