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Your Questions About Funbrain

Susan asks… Where can I find freeware programs that interact with kids to put on my website? I want to offer kids different programs to interact with on the net for free. Does anyone know any websites that give away freeware programs to use on websites? Tom Trindell answers: I’m sure there are lots you […]


Your Questions About Forever 21

Ken asks… How long does Forever 21 take to ship? Hiya I live in New Jersey and places an order on Thursday for Forever 21. I purchased about 10 things and it is now Saturday and I have a party Tuesday. When will my clothes come? Does anyone know? I asked them and they didn’t […]


Your Questions About Fafsa

Lizzie asks… How does being married affect the amount of money one can acquire from FAFSA/Financial Aid? My boyfriend and I are both very serious and are considering getting married. However we are both full-time students and don’t know how being married will affect the money we receive from FAFSA/Financial Aid. We are currently dependents […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

Joseph asks… How do I stop Firefox from giving me suggestions when I am logging into Facebook? When I am typing my email address into Facebook to login, it keeps coming up with a list of suggestions as I am typing. How do I stop this happening? Thank you for any help. Tom Trindell answers: […]


Your Questions About Fandango

Mark asks… How can my printer print a private email without my knowledge? I turned on my printer to print Fandango tickets and – much to my surprise – it printed a private email of mine first. I have reason to think someone has been hacking and remotely printing my email. Is this possible? Tom […]