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Your Questions About Firefox

Mark asks… Why when using firefox am i not able to watch videos but i can with internet explorer? When i try to watch videos in firefox it says that i need to downlaod plugin and when i try to it doesnt do it. However, it works fine when im using internet explorer. The only […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

Mandy asks… How to be anonymous on the internet? i want to be anonymous on the internet. I don’t want anybody to find me. Hide my IP address even my facebook login‘s and my email login‘s must be anonymous. How do i do this? Hide my IP and be super duper anonymous. Tom Trindell answers: […]


Your Questions About Fedex

Carol asks… How are package tracking numbers for FedEx and UPS assigned? There are patterns like how numbers increase by 7 each time a new tracking number is assigned unless the new number does not increase the second digit. Example: one number is 013840222514114 at fedex the next valid number is 013840222514121 but it skips […]


Your Questions About Forever 21

Chris asks… Is Forever 21 a good brand to buy dresses? I need a dress for a banquet and i’m wondering if Forever 21 is a good place! Tom Trindell answers: YES; i Love Forever 21 That’s my favorite store Donald asks… Is the store Forever 21 a popular retail store in Michigan? I live […]


Your Questions About Food Network

Mandy asks… What’s going on at the Food Network? Seems like lately all they have shown on the Food Network are gimicky shows like “Unwrapped” and all the shows with “Guy”, their contest winner who is just downright annoying. And now news that Emeril Live has been cancelled? Mario Batali leaves Food Network and Iron […]