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Your Questions About Fedex

Nancy asks… I lost my Fedex tracking number, is there a way to recover it? I already submitted an inquiry on the Fedex customer service page, but they take forever to reply. So I just want to see if anyone here knows. I went to a Fedex authorized shipper to return products to a website […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

Laura asks… Can you help me with a facebook related problem? I’ve tried just about everything here. The problem I have is that the facebook login page doesn’t load, and when it loads and I log in, it freezes on my main page. I’ve tried resetting my router, deleting cookies and all that, reinstalling firefox, […]


Your Questions About Funbrain

Ken asks… Do you know any websites that have games school related? My teacher lets us go on websites, but only if they have school related games. We already have Coolmath and Funbrain, but those get boring really quickly. Tom Trindell answers: Arcademicskillbuilders is pretty fun when I was in 4th grade and Edheads is […]


Your Questions About Facebook

Sharon asks… What is the best Facebook Application for the mac? There are many Facebook applications for the Mac on the Mac App Store, many paid apps and some free ones. Wondering which one is the best to use: Facetab Pro? Facebox? Desktop Facebook? Facemenu? Tom Trindell answers: Desktop Facebook George asks… Is it true […]


Your Questions About Food Network

Sandy asks… How did you feel when you heard Jag lied on his application on Food Network Star? Jag on the food network star dropped out because he had lied on his application about serving the war… If I remember correctly the Food Network knew about it before he backed out, so wouldn’t Food Network […]