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Your Questions About Funbrain

Richard asks… What are some good books, or even a series of books, for a 7 year old boy to enjoy? We have been reading Goosebumps but we are looking for something different now. Maybe something funny or even adventurous. Thanks. Tom Trindell answers: I remember reading many of Roald Dahl’s books at that age […]


Your Questions About Fox News

Sandra asks… How does CNN and Fox News deliver its news to you? Which network do you watch? Fox News is not that professional or organize and also have weird hosts lol. So that is why I watch CNN only. Tom Trindell answers: CNN is a news network, Fox is an entertainment network. George asks… […]


Your Questions About Fandango

Lisa asks… Would you like to Fandango with the blond girl Fandango was with? JBL said he wants to fandango with the dancer Fandango was with. Jerry Lawler said easy, JBL responded with, what do the Fandango dance. Tom Trindell answers: YES! YES! YES! If you know what I mean. Helen asks… Was Fandango beating […]


Your Questions About Fafsa

Ken asks… What types of aid are available from FAFSA? Hi, i wanted to know what type of grants are available from the FAFSA; grants that do not have to be repaid. What is the maximum in Pell Grant that a person can get? Tom Trindell answers: The Table on Page 2 of this book […]


Your Questions About Fedex

Mark asks… Will Fedex Know What is in a Discreet Package? I ordered a sex toy, and does fedex know whats in it? And do we have to sign it? Tom Trindell answers: FedEx wont care what’s in the package as long as it is not anything illegal, and sex toys aren’t illegal. You’ll only […]