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Your Questions About Fedex

Mandy asks… How long does Fedex Ground take to deliver? I ordered an item I purchased from Payless Merchendise using Fedex Ground. The place I ordered it from is in Illinois and I live in California. It’s been 5 days and it still hasn’t come. How long is it supposed to take? Tom Trindell answers: […]


Your Questions About Fafsa

Sandra asks… What parent should i use for filling out FAFSA? Hi. Im 18 and need money for college. I live with my mom who is married to my stepfather. I was wondering if when i fill out FAFSA would it just go off of my moms income? Or would it go off of my […]


Your Questions About Fandango

Charles asks… How does Fandango work? I was thinking about getting someone a fandango gift certificate and was wondering how redeeming it works? Do I have to purchase the tickets online with the gift card? Does it apply to all theaters? Thanks! Tom Trindell answers: Ok so here’s whats up. What you need to do […]


Your Questions About Funbrain

John asks… Where on earth can I learn basic math without a calculator? I’ve been using a calculator for absolutely everything since I’ve started school. I never bothered learning how to do it without one. Can somebody point me towards a website that can help me learn? I’m studying for the ASVAB and I want […]


Your Questions About Forever 21

Paul asks… What stores sell clothes similar to forever 21, AGACI, love culture and urban outfitters? I love that clothin style but my local mall only has forever 21 and urban outfitters, and urban outfitters is WAY too expensive for me, so I always just buy from forever 21. Any others I haven’t thought about? […]