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Your Questions About Fedex

Richard asks… Fedex shipping qestion? Right now I’m trying to ship something and I plan to go through fedex. I’m looking for nearest fedex locations using there official site. When looking for locations theres “fedex staffed” “fedex kinkos” “self service” “fedex authorize ship center” theres a fedex I know nearby but on the site it […]


Your Questions About Funbrain

Lisa asks… anybody have funbrain passwords?? i’ve gotten pretty far on the funbrain arcade at, but i need more passwords!!!!!someone please help me if your password ends with a 3 Tom Trindell answers: Pirate8 gets to a game “Coming Soon” Jenny asks… I use t play this game as a kid and I forget […]


Your Questions About Food Network

Joseph asks… what the name of this Food network tv show? its a guy that goes all over the world and eats really weird foods…. i love trying new food and want to try something he’s eaten ….. anyone know his name or the name of the show? Tom Trindell answers: Food Network… Anthony Bourdain, […]


Your Questions About Fandango

Donald asks… Ordering movie tickets from Fandango? I was wondering about ordering movie tickets through Fandango (never done this) and was wondering how it works….do they print instantly like a Ticketfast concert ticket or do you pick them up at the movie theater? Thanks! Tom Trindell answers: When ordering with Fandango you can order your […]


Your Questions About Forever 21

Michael asks… Forever 21 or American Eagle? Which has better quality and prices? Also, my friend told me that Hollister is the same price as Forever 21, is that true? Tom Trindell answers: Forever 21 is very cheap. The prices are usually from 7 to 25 dollars depending on what your buying. But on a […]