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Your Questions About Firefox

John asks… How I fix my windows media player for xp after uninstalling firefox? I took the firefox off after IE got there site fixed, my media player hasn’t worked since. Any download name I can go back and get to make it work again? Tom Trindell answers: Hi liro 9, Firefox and Windows Media […]


Your Questions About Fandango

Michael asks… Who is Carlos Fandango? Is he real? or is he just a comical/stereo typical name for a Latino or someone a flash and showy? thanks fuzzy moo moo, but i have googled it. I assume you haven’t. Tom Trindell answers: It is used as a nickname or a comical/stereo typical name in hispanic […]


Your Questions About Facebook

Ruth asks… How can I get back into my facebook account? My facebook account has been temporarily locked for security reasons so what do i do? Tom Trindell answers: You have to reset your login information to secure your account. There are instructions for it here Chris asks… How do I add videos to […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

Michael asks… FACEBOOK IPOD LOGIN!!? Please quick!! i changed my password on the computer for facebook and i tried logging in on ipod and it logged me out automatically so i then typed in my password it said logging in then logged me back out it keeps doing this i turned the ipod off and […]


Your Questions About Fafsa

Richard asks… fafsa a loan? my counselor at phoenix helping me with fafsa but he says im paying back this money isnt fafsa suppose to be a goverment money for those who qualify? and dont have to pay back ? Tom Trindell answers: FAFSA stands for free application for student aide. It just sets you […]