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Your Questions About Funbrain

Helen asks… My little sister is six years old. What websites do you recomend for her to get on? She wants one with a lot of games. Tom Trindell answers: Lisa asks… Where can I find a page about school work? Tom Trindell answers: David asks… What are some good game websites? Tom […]


Your Questions About Forever 21

Mark asks… Interview at Forever 21..what to wear?!? Ok so I’ve asked this interview question before, but that was for Nordstrom’s, a fancy store. (I have that interview tomorrow). But Tuesday I have a job interview at Forever 21 and because employees just wear whatever is in style, I was curious as to what do […]


Your Questions About Facebook Login

John asks… Facebook login problem? I went to my settings and changed my password and now it won’t let me login. have you had this problem before? if so then tell me how you fixed it. And I also tried it again with my old password but it still wouldn’t work. And I can’t get […]


Your Questions About Facebook

Lisa asks… Palm Pre… Facebook… Facebook chat??!? Ok I just got a Palm Pre. I was wondering how to get to the ‘full site’ of facebook. My goal is to get the Facebook chat/IM working on my phone. I read online that instead of tapping on the designated Facebook icon, to type in in […]


Your Questions About Fandango

Donald asks… Can you get free movies in fandango? Tom Trindell answers: Fandango is a website to buy tickets, so no you can’t get free movies from there. Laura asks… Fandango not posting reviews!? So this isn’t a Huge problem, but I just wrote 2 reviews for movies on Fandango – yet I can press […]