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Your Questions About Food Network

Carol asks… will you boycott food network? please boycott the food network becuse they fired me Tom Trindell answers: Yes. Until they make a formal apology about letting Paula go, I will no longer view on the Internet nor watch Food Network I feel they were wrong for letting her go. There is not one […]


Your Questions About Fox News

Ruth asks… Why do people constantly bash Fox News? It’s Fox “NEWS,” like it or not. They present news backed up by fact. Like the Van Jones story. The news they reported came from Jones’ own mouth. It can be seen here – Yet people continue to deny this and bash Fox News. Not […]


Your Questions About Fedex

Lisa asks… Fedex tracking info? please help? Okay I ordered a package weighing 3.9 lbs from heres the tracking site: The estimated delivery is the 13th, but that seems a little odd because I live one hour from warrendale, PA. its in the same state not too far and its in transit fedex […]


Your Questions About Facebook

Daniel asks… FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I need a funny natural facebook status so it will be scene in an update!!!! PLEASE ima troll did i really ask you to tell me if facebook is gay???…..NO I DIDN’T Tom Trindell answers: Facebook is gay. George asks… Help me login to my facebook? Help my login my facebook Tom […]


Your Questions About Firefox

Carol asks… Should I get Firefox? I’m thinking about downloading Firefox, I have Internet Explorer, but now I want Firefox. The questions I have are, is it safe? (No viruses will come with it, right?) And what is so good about Firefox? What are your experiences with Firefox? Tom Trindell answers: No firefox does not […]