Your Questions About Firefox

Donna asks…

cant watch videos on mozilla firefox….?

cant watch videos on mozilla firefox or internet explorer.
on mozilla firefox the error message says “an error occured.please try again later”
and on internet explorer it says” this video is currently unavailable ”
but i am able to watch videos on google chrome…
please help what should i do to fix it

Tom Trindell answers:

Firefox problems, use chrome with wot & ad block plus

Sandra asks…

is firefox version 3.00 good?

i need help if Firefox is good and speeds up the internet
and is it safe.

Tom Trindell answers:

Yes Firefox 3 is much faster than Internet Explore and Firefox 2. They have fixed multiple memory leaks with the new version. Firefox is also much more secure than Internet Explore. I’d recommend you switch/upgrade to Firefox 3.0.

Chris asks…

How is firefox for mac?

How is firefox for Mac?

Tom Trindell answers:

I find Firefox on Macs quite sluggish at times. It’s a good browser but I tend to use Safari for general web surfing. If you’re looking for a good alternative to Firefox and Safari, I would suggest you give Opera a try. It’s fast, secure and has some great features.

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Your Questions About Fafsa

William asks…

When should I apply for FAFSA ?

I’m going into my senior year of high school in Sept . I Graduate in June 2011, I plan to attend college in fall 2011 but I don’t know when I should apply for FAFSA ? Help please !

Tom Trindell answers:

FAFSA doesn’t open up for you until January 1, 2011 so as soon as you can after that. You should ask your parents to get their taxes done sooner rather than later because you need that information for the FAFSA.

Richard asks…

In regards to the FAFSA…?

If I submit mine this summer,but don’t start college till Fall 2013,will I need to resubmit the FAFSA before then?

Tom Trindell answers:

As Nancy and PETA pointed out, if you will not be applying to college for acceptance until the 2013-14, school year, then there is no reason for you complete the FAFSA now, since that is for the 2012-13 school year only.

Only if you think you might wish to start your college studies during the Summer session in 2013, should you complete and submit the 2012-13 FAFSA, since Summer 2013 classes will be considered part of the 2012-13 school year.

If you would like to get an idea of what questions are asked on the FAFSA and what information you will need to have to complete it early in 2013, then you can see a PDF version of this year’s FAFSA (2012-13) here:

You can also use the FAFSA4Caster to get an idea of the amount and type (grant, loans) of Federal student aid you may be offered through the Financial Aid Office of the school you will be attending Fall 2013 (unless the rules for Federal student funding change in 2013.) This is the link to the FAFSA4Caster:

For completing/submitting the 2013-14 FAFSA, be sure to go to the official Free Application for Federal Student Aid web site:

Also, I recommend filing Federal 2012 income taxes (filed in 2013 on 2012 earnings) that you and your parents file your income tax returns electronically, early in February, after receiving W-2 forms from employers and other 2012 income documents. About 2-3 weeks after the 2012 Federal income tax returns are filed, you and your parents can complete your 2013-14 FAFSA and use the IRS income tax data retrieval tool to transfer Federal income tax info onto the FAFSA. It will help you by being an automatic verification of your and your parents’ income.

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Best wishes

Daniel asks…

what is a FAFSA?????????????????????/?

can anyone tell me what is a FAFSA?

Tom Trindell answers:

FAFSA is something that is required to fill out in order to get aid :)

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Your Questions About Food Network

Joseph asks…

What show is this from The Food Network?

I remember that there were teams from different nationalities. They had to make various exhibits for presentation. I remember Korea’s the most. It was a dragon with a man striking down on it. Also they made sugar sculptures and one chef got burned. Help is appreciated.

Tom Trindell answers:

Food network challenge for sugar peices

Paul asks…

Who is your favorite Food Network personality?

i like Giada DeLaurentiis…even thought she has weirdly short arms.
my husband and i call her t-rex because of the arm thing, but she has great recipes.

Tom Trindell answers:

I LOVE the Food Network !
Ina Garten -Barefoot Contessa is my absolute favorite
and I like
Guy Fieri- Guys Big Bite and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

WOOT! Food Network ROCKS !

George asks…

any recipe from a food network chef with a steak?

i want a recipe that any chef made in fn with a steak.

Tom Trindell answers:

There are many chefs on Food Network that has great recipes with steak. Steak is one of the top 20 most used ingredient by Food Network chefs.

Here’s a recipe of Steak Florentine made by Giada De Laurentiis. Http://

Here’s another steak recipe of Blow Torch Steak made by the comedic Paula Deen.

Here’s a recipe for Sliced Steak made by FN chef/talk show host, Rachael Ray.

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Your Questions About Facebook

Joseph asks…

What do you like about Facebook?

Nobody keeps score at Facebook!
Your compliment made my day, friend who’s Heatmizer.

Facebook mainly is for people who live in close-knit communities. I’ve met people who live near the Great Lakes through it, too.

Tom Trindell answers:

I have never used “Facebook”, but you have a pretty face.

David asks…

how is facebook different than myspace?

is facebook safer? thx
if it is safer, how so? thx!

Tom Trindell answers:

Facebook is definitely better. There’s less spam, and fakers. I had a MySpace for over a year. One day I decided to make a Facebook and I haven’t been on my MySpace since.
On Facebook, you don’t get random people sending you friend requests or people hacking into your profile. Its also alot easier to find friends from school and in your area. There’s also a lot of cool features on Facebook that MySpace doesn’t have.

Facebook > MySpace

Robert asks…


want to delete from facebook

Tom Trindell answers:

You need to be sign into the program to delete
and then give your password again.
Then finally delete it.
Good luck.

J R :)

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Your Questions About Food Network

Laura asks…

Giada on Food Network?

A few days ago I was watching Food Network and Giada was on. She was making String Beans with Pecans. When I turned on the T.V. I only saw the last part of it and it looked really good. I really want to make it for Thanksgiving. I was wondering if anyone can help me find the recipe. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom Trindell answers:

It is on the food network search engine. Just go to and put it in the window, it along with others will come up. Or you can search for it using the name of the show it was on, too.

Lizzie asks…

so im watching food network..?

and this girl says she has never seen a fire fly before! what the hell!!!! that’s one of the things i remember most from my childhood. she said she was from Colorado.. im from Wisconsin.. are there no fire flies in Colorado? i just thought this was odd. sorry for the rant. have you ever seen one?

Tom Trindell answers:

I remember fire flies when visiting with relatives in the chicago area. But there are parts of the country that do not have them. I have lived in southern california a number of years now and haven’t seen one since i’ve been here

and what does fire flies have to do with the food network – i never heard of anyone eating them

Betty asks…

Is It Me Or Is The Food Network Starting To Suck?

I mean, look at how many untalented hosts they have on there! Alton Brown…George Durhan…Mario Batali, the comic book guy chef, Bobby Flay…Giada De Laurentis(hate her, what a Beverly Hills phoney!)…I’ve always hated Emeril, he’s overrated. To me, it’s getting pretty prissy and yuppieish now. Iron Chef America is horrible too. I’m on the verge of not watching this channel anymore…

Tom Trindell answers:

Is it me or has watching someone cook food always sucked.yup it has always sucked. The only half funny one was red hot and ready because im pretty sure that guy was always drunk/high and the only cooking show where the person isnt a knob and actually cooks really good food all the time is martin yens chinatown or whatever it is called.that guys is pretty funny.but all in all the food network always has sucked.right around the time the started trying to make iron chef dramatic.then they came out with iron chef america as if the world is going to be impressed with america.probaly why it got cancelled.the networks need to realize everyone in the world hates americans….except a few americans themselves.but even most yankess realize they are ignorant and rude.oh well i guess im glad it got cancelled.

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