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Vespa Nv

Funny PROBLEM. need HELP… scooter problem vespa 150 (model- nv spl.)? For some unknown reason (unknown to me) if a passenger sits on the back sit of my scooter, the engine instantly shuts off…(even in neutral, its a manual transmission, 1987 model 150cc scooter.). in short, pressure on the rear sit shuts off the engine…!!! […]


Vespa Engine

Which smaller engine motorcycle bike is the most durable and safest? My fiance used to live in Sicily, where he had a smaller engine street legal dirt-bike type motorcycle I beleive (not a vespa but maybe a suzuki or something). He lives in middle TN with me now and he’s decided he’d like a bike […]


Vespa Small Frame

need help to identify vespa scooter model? 1957/58 vespa douglas. no indicators. left side panel has hatch/opening for toolbox, right side panel is vented. small frame,10″ wheels. been told it is a 152L2 but have reason to believe this is incorrect as that model only started in 1959. our scoot was registered in Jan […]