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Lml Vespa

A Pendrive Full of Memories I look through my Flight’s Window to the panorama below restless as I have nothing better to do, a rarity nowadays, before I land in Bangalore and resume my life and prepare for my meeting . Sky is clear from top and I can see clouds which are not visible […]


Lml Vespa Scooter

Bajaj Auto – CNC Machining Parts Manufacturer – Construction Fabrication Timeline of new releases 1960-1970 – Vespa 150 – Under the licence of Piaggio of Italy 1971 – three-wheeler goods carrier 1972 – Bajaj Chetak 1976 – Bajaj Super 1977 – Rear engine Autorickshaw 1981 – Bajaj M-50 1986 – Bajaj M-80, Kawasaki Bajaj KB100 […]


Vespa Nv

Funny PROBLEM. need HELP… scooter problem vespa 150 (model- nv spl.)? For some unknown reason (unknown to me) if a passenger sits on the back sit of my scooter, the engine instantly shuts off…(even in neutral, its a manual transmission, 1987 model 150cc scooter.). in short, pressure on the rear sit shuts off the engine…!!! […]