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Piaggio 125

Scooter Carb problems? Hi there, I brought a scooter that had been sat for a few years yesterday very cheap, however i cant seem to get it to start, so nay help you guys can give me would be very helpful. The bike itself is a piaggio super hexagon GTX 125. I have checked the […]


Vespa Px 200

What should the tyre pressures be on my vespa PX 200? I need to find out what the tyre pressures should be on my Vespa PX 200 – front and back wheels. Can anyone help? Look on the tires. It will be written near the rim, and say something like 32 psi (32 pounds of […]


Vespa Pk 125

Does a vespa pk 125 1982 take unleaded or leaded petrol? 1982 Vespas were made when unleaded gas was starting to be widely available, should be no problem in using unleaded fuel in old 2 stoke. Leaded fuels in 2 strokes were not the recommend choice when good unleaded was available anyway- lead not needed […]


Vespa 125

driving license needed in Germany for Vespa 125? I am 48 and a citizen of Italy and have a basic class B drivers license. In Italy, this is sufficient for riding light motorcycles, under 125cc. I am now moving to Germany and would like to know if this is also sufficient for Germany or do […]


Vespa Px 125

Is the Vespa PX a faithful reproduction of the ‘classic’ Vespa, and are they beginner-friendly? I love the look of the old Vespas and have heard that the PX is a faithful reproduction but with up-to-date engineering. This interests me a lot as I am not mechanically-minded so a modern machine with classic styling suits […]