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Vespa Et4 150

Does anyone know where I can get a free owners manual for a Vespa ET4 (150 CC)? I am looking for the owners manual not the service manual…? Thank you so much! I am in California, USA. Does anyone know where you live, so we can give an intelligent answer to your question??!! No point […]


Vespa 50 Special

how much would i be lookin at for a black powder coated paint job on my vespa 50 special? I doubt you can powercoat all necessary on a vespa. The reason why is that most thermoformed plastic parts turn into a ball of goo at the 400+ degrees heat needed to flow the powder. Lunapop […]


Vespa Px 200

What should the tyre pressures be on my vespa PX 200? I need to find out what the tyre pressures should be on my Vespa PX 200 – front and back wheels. Can anyone help? Look on the tires. It will be written near the rim, and say something like 32 psi (32 pounds of […]


Vespa Pk 125

Does a vespa pk 125 1982 take unleaded or leaded petrol? 1982 Vespas were made when unleaded gas was starting to be widely available, should be no problem in using unleaded fuel in old 2 stoke. Leaded fuels in 2 strokes were not the recommend choice when good unleaded was available anyway- lead not needed […]


Piaggio 150

Should I buy a scooter (Vespa – Piaggio Fly 150 or 50) or regular motorcycle (Ninja 250)? I commute daily to Downtown Washington DC, but live in VA and take classes at UMBC after work. I’m interested in being able to park on the sidewalk (what are the parking regulations for DC regarding scooters? regular […]