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Vespa’s Birth Right

Piaggio brothers realized that the envisioned scooter must be the answer to being low cost, lightweight, easy to operate and maintain and of course look good.


Piaggio Vespa Px 150

Borgo Fazio, Trapani, in Piaggio Vespa px 150


Vespa Piaggio

History of Gas Scooters The first patents for scooters go back as far as 1921. The Razor scooter was later developed by Gino Tsai in Shanghai, Taiwan and became an instant hit with the public. It didn’t take long for motor scooter popularity to expand all over the globe. Even before 1950 there were as […]


Vespa Px 150

Which scooter should I get? They cost the same: 2005 Vespa PX 150 (2 stroke) or a new Aprilia Scarabeo 200 (4 stroke). I live in Louisiana where it freezes maybe once a year, so no storage which I heard can mess up a 2stroke engine. I heard 2 stroke engines wear out faster, but […]


Piaggio Vespa

What is the full cost for a 50cc second hand vespa/moped? Hi, i’m about to turn 16 and am saving up for a second hand, 50cc piaggio vespa. I was wondering what the full cost of would it be? Like the insurance, MOT, tax, the actual vespa its self and everything else. If there’s any […]