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Lizzie asks…

I have a question about the FAFSA?

I completed the FAFSA but when I had to complete the Pin’s I had problem. When i applied for the Parent Pin (my dad) it worked fine, his was good, but when I applied for mine it kept saying the information i put in the pin does not match the social security administration info. So, I’m just wondering when I call them and resolve it, my fafsa will still be good right?

Tom Trindell answers:

Yes, your FAFSA will still be good. Once you resolve the issue, be sure the SSN you entered on FAFSA matches what the Social Security Administration has. Please keep in mind that your FAFSA is still incomplete as you need to sign the FAFSA with your PIN. You could always print out the signature page and mail that to FAFSA as well. However, this is a longer process versus signing the FAFSA with your pin.

Sharon asks…

Fafsa 2013??????????

Is it true that if I fill out my fafsa on January 1st 2013…. I could get more money than if I fill it out a month later? Could I fill it out now, save it, then submit it on January 1st?

Tom Trindell answers:

Filling out FAFSA without submitting it…. Does nothing
you need your and/or your parent’s tax info for 2012 in order to file for 2013-2014 FAFSA…. So you will have to wait until you have that available — most W2 come in the mail by Feb 1. Talk with parents about filing taxes early instead of waiting so you can do data import tool to get their tax data properly into FAFSA

and, early filing only helps with things like work-study, etc…. When your school processes it.
So, you file FAFSA early & you do everything your school ask you to do for admissions & for Fin Aid early… If there are any applications for State Fin Aid, you do those early as well

this way, when the school is processing & things like work-study that are first come, first serve are evaluated, then maybe there is some left that can be applied to you

some state aid is completely first come, first serve… Some use FAFSA & others use separate forms for the state itself

Paul asks…

Why do I fill out a FAFSA?

What is the Fafsa for? Why do I fill it out? I know they dont give me any money, so why is it I fill out?

Tom Trindell answers:

The FAFSA is the doorway to financial aid.

If you need student loans the Stafford loan and Parent Plus loan have about the best interest rates and repayment terms out there.

You cannot utilized these unless you complete the FAFSA, regardless whether you qualify for grants or not.

If you don’t complete the FAFSA you either have to be a cash pay student or apply for an alternative education loan.

The alternative education loans generally will require you to have a credit worthy co-signer (670 or higher) and typically come with 10 plus % interest rates.

I hope this answers your question.

Good Luck to you.

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