Your Questions About Fandango

Sharon asks…

Is the call free to call Fandango?

Is it free to call 1800Fandango? If not how much does it charge to call?
I want to call to see if a movie in a theaters is sold out, will they be able to tell me?

Tom Trindell answers:

YES…. It’s free… Any 800 number is. Just not the 888 or anything else. Also, your theatre will have a Fandango recording that is local to your area which you can get by calling that theatre…. . If you want to see if a movie is sold out, then you want to call YOUR THEATRE. THEY are best ones for it. Also…. IF it’s for the Watchmen midnight preview, then they are equipped to open additional theatres so chances of selling out are really slim. They interlock the film. Which is one film running between however many auditoriums they supply it in. Sucky thing is that if it breaks down, you have more than one auditorium mad at you. Also, you can order tickets through and that GUARANTEES you a seat.

David asks…

Will Fandango be WWE Intercontinental Champion?

New WWE Intercontinental Champion

Tom Trindell answers:

No, I can see him becoming United States Champion. That’s why they’ve probably gave the title to Kofi Kingston, for him to drop it to Fandango sooner or later and not for Cesaro to drop it to a fellow heel.

Donna asks…

do you find Fandango annoying, boring and untalented?

he is one of the worst actor i have ever seen, he should be in twilight!!!! this guy sucks, i hate his voice!!!!! i want to destroy this guy!!!!

Tom Trindell answers:

Fandango is Johnny Curtis. I wouldn’t say He’s untalented because Johnny Curtis is good wrestler. You need to watch his matches on Nxt. The wwe are just wasting his wrestling talent. Why You would give the great wrestler a stupid gimmick?

That’s terrible decision from the booking and Vince McMahon. I don’t really care about his character. We know He isn’t disco inferno. They should give him a better character besides choosing the dancing gimmick.

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