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Sandy asks…

Mozilla Firefox Problem!! help!!?

am usin the latest version of firefox.. mozilla firefox 3 beta 5. i’ve been usin it since a mnth nw, bt recently, am havin a problem wid it. evry tym i open firefox n start workin on it, it closes by itself in just abt 4 – 5 mins of openin it…. i tried clearin the cookies etc n even scanin all the firefox files 4 viruses etc. , bt it ws no use……. plz help!!!!

Tom Trindell answers:

Open firefox safe mode do a search for it in windows download firefox 3.0 not the bata, or even firefox 2.0

while in firefox safe mode disable all add-ons and tryit again.

Nancy asks…

How do I switch to firefox?


I’m currently using Internet Explorer, but I want to switch to firefox.

But If I switch to firefox, will I still be able to have Internet Explorer too?

Thanks everyone!

Tom Trindell answers:

Download FireFox here:

Yes, you can still have IE, installing FireFox won’t affect IE

Chris asks…

why Firefox Preloader helps?


Using Firefox Preloader is like adding a Firefox in startup programs?
If I add Firefox to startup programs, it will load all its extension on startup, just like Firefox Preloader.
So why using Firefox Preloader?

Tom Trindell answers:

Adding Firefox to your Startup folder will have a Firefox window open when you start your computer, but once you close it, it won’t be a running process anymore. The next time you open Firefox, it’ll take just as long as it did when you started up your computer.

If you use Firefox Preloader, it keeps a firefox.exe process running in the memory even though there may be no window open. This makes loading much faster, although it may use up memory and make the rest of your computer slow if you don’t have enough overhead.

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