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Maria asks…

Firefox 6 doesn’t work?

After just upgrading to Firefox 6, whenever I try to open the browser, no screen pops up. The process is still there when i use ctrl+alt+del, but there’s no window.

I’ve re-installed firefox and it still doesn’t work… help?

Tom Trindell answers:

Firefox 6 isn’t worth the upgrade time. (yuck)
I would delete Firefox off of your computer and reinstall Firefox 3.6

Sandra asks…

Should I download Firefox 3 RC1?

I am currently using Firefox 2 and would like to know the disadvantages and advantages of Firefox 3 RC1. And if I decide to install do I need to uninstall Firefox 2?

Tom Trindell answers:

I like firefox, because of the many add-on’s.. I have found several good add-on’s, but discovered, that after I downloaded Firefox 3 , all my add-on’s did not work any more. Not compatable with Firefox 3. I therefore went back to Firefox 2 and will wait,untill the add-on’s also work under Firefox 3

Chris asks…

myspace not properly working with firefox 3?

I just download firefox 3 and for some reason i cant click nothin on myspace.I cant send messages,comments or friend requests.I have no problem doing it with firefox 2 though.Is there anyway I can fix this problem?

Tom Trindell answers:

Uninstalled Firefox 3 and Re-Install Firefox 2:

I use to have Firefox 3, and I had alot of problems with it, so I went back to Firefox 2.


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