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Maria asks…

Firefox keeps crashing…?

I’m on Vista and lately Firefox has been crashing several times a day.

Tom Trindell answers:

Close Firefox and then run” Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)” given in

start menu –>All programs–>Mozilla Firefox–>Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode)

Try to un-install or disable all Add-ons. If Firefox run in it’s safe mode then ur fox have no serious problem. Other wise un-install it and install a clean installation of Firefox :-)

Sandra asks…

firefox crash problem?

I have firefox 12.0 installed as my browser. It often crashes and prompts me to restart firefox. What is the problem and how could I fix it?

Tom Trindell answers:

Run Firefox safe mode by pressing Alt or click on the orange Firefox tab if it is visible. Go to Help > Restart Firefox with add-ons disabled > Reset all preferences to Firefox defaults > Make changes and restart.

See if that matters.

You may also check which of your add-ons is causing the browser to crash by disabling everything and enabling them one at a time.

Carol asks…

how do you delete firefox?

i want regular internet again. how do i delete firefox. help!!?!

Tom Trindell answers:

Firefox is regular internet, just not Internet Explorer puree’.

Start>settings>control panel>add remove programs> now select (highlight) Firefox and click the uninstall button to remove the program (and commit a certifiable mistake).

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