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Mandy asks…

Who should win The Next Food Network Star and why?

I am mad that Brad was cut. I was hoping for Brad and Aarti to be the final two. Who do you think should win and why?

Tom Trindell answers:

I was surprised when Brad was cut. I thought he was a great chef and had charm. I think the judges know what qualities a star needs to have and maybe they thought brad wasn’t quick enough to be relaxed in front of a camera. I’m not really sure though. I thought Aria was going to be cut this week and the final two would be Brad and Aarti. But I guess not.

I don’t think Aria is going to win because I saw a commercial during the show that was called family style, did anyone else catch that? That’s not the only reason though. I think a lot people liked her and stopped when she started to do worse and cut off Aarti at the supper club. I think she is likable but maybe doesnt have the cooking skill of a food network star.

Tom is funny, is a good cook, and has a good personality. I think he has a chance but needs to be more consistant.

Herb could be good too. He has a great personality and a lot of energy but his emotions take over sometimes. If he can get past that then I think he has a real chance.

I think Aarti has the best chance from what I can see so far. She does have a self esteem problem but people still like her anyway. She cooks well, knows what she is talking about, and is very likable. Also she brings something different to the table…Indian food. I think that is what really sets her apart because the food network is probably looking for something new.

These are just my opinions and this is just what I feel about who is going to win.
Hope it helps

Paul asks…

Do you get the “Food Network Magazine” ?

I LOVE watching the food network channel… I am obsessed with the channel…

I am debating whether I should get the magazine, and just curious if you guys like it.

I am looking into the $30-30 issues subscription & adding the Good Housekeeping magazine as well. (they seem like a really good deal)

Just a few questions…

How often does the magazine come?
Do you like the magazine?
Are there recipe cards in it?

Thanks :-)

Tom Trindell answers:

I just started my subscription and got my first issue a couple of days ago, and I LOVE it! It comes monthly. I paid $15 for 10 issues, I believe.

Like I said, I love the magazine. It does not have recipe cards in it that you can actually tear out, but it’s like a cookbook and it does have tons of recipes of all different types and you can find them all on the Food Network website, so you’d be able to print one out if need be. This month they did have a little booklet in the magazine that you can tear out though that was like 100 ways to use jarred pasta sauce or something, and I thought that was pretty cool and some of the stuff actually looked pretty good.

It also has a lot of different fun things in it, such as a feature of one of the Food Network Star’s home kitchens. This month it was Bobby Flay’s. It also has quizzes and LOTS of different tips and tricks.

You can find this month’s copy of Food Network Magazine at some Walmart stores, if you want to just flip through it, or buy it and see if you like it before you subscribe.

Mark asks…

food network recipe box?

Why does the Food Network limit you to 50 recipes in your recipe box ?

Other web sites let you have unlimited recipes in your recipe box

Why would Food Network only let you have 50 recipes ?

What gives

Tom Trindell answers:

I agree with you! This is soooo annoying, and food network is my favorite food/recipe site! And some of the recipes are only available for a limited time, which means they can just disappear right out of your recipe box! (which I had happen once and I was not a happy camper)!

Now I either print them, or usually I copy and paste them to a file folder – then I can keep them organized right on my computer, plus I can get to them even if my internet connection goes down!

Just don’t copy and paste the whole page – it’s a mess – just do from where the recipe starts listing the ingredients. I just type in the name of the recipe on the folder name.

I hope this helps!!! It works for me!

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