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Laura asks…

Giada on Food Network?

A few days ago I was watching Food Network and Giada was on. She was making String Beans with Pecans. When I turned on the T.V. I only saw the last part of it and it looked really good. I really want to make it for Thanksgiving. I was wondering if anyone can help me find the recipe. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tom Trindell answers:

It is on the food network search engine. Just go to and put it in the window, it along with others will come up. Or you can search for it using the name of the show it was on, too.

Lizzie asks…

so im watching food network..?

and this girl says she has never seen a fire fly before! what the hell!!!! that’s one of the things i remember most from my childhood. she said she was from Colorado.. im from Wisconsin.. are there no fire flies in Colorado? i just thought this was odd. sorry for the rant. have you ever seen one?

Tom Trindell answers:

I remember fire flies when visiting with relatives in the chicago area. But there are parts of the country that do not have them. I have lived in southern california a number of years now and haven’t seen one since i’ve been here

and what does fire flies have to do with the food network – i never heard of anyone eating them

Betty asks…

Is It Me Or Is The Food Network Starting To Suck?

I mean, look at how many untalented hosts they have on there! Alton Brown…George Durhan…Mario Batali, the comic book guy chef, Bobby Flay…Giada De Laurentis(hate her, what a Beverly Hills phoney!)…I’ve always hated Emeril, he’s overrated. To me, it’s getting pretty prissy and yuppieish now. Iron Chef America is horrible too. I’m on the verge of not watching this channel anymore…

Tom Trindell answers:

Is it me or has watching someone cook food always sucked.yup it has always sucked. The only half funny one was red hot and ready because im pretty sure that guy was always drunk/high and the only cooking show where the person isnt a knob and actually cooks really good food all the time is martin yens chinatown or whatever it is called.that guys is pretty funny.but all in all the food network always has sucked.right around the time the started trying to make iron chef dramatic.then they came out with iron chef america as if the world is going to be impressed with america.probaly why it got cancelled.the networks need to realize everyone in the world hates americans….except a few americans themselves.but even most yankess realize they are ignorant and rude.oh well i guess im glad it got cancelled.

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