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Joseph asks…

What show is this from The Food Network?

I remember that there were teams from different nationalities. They had to make various exhibits for presentation. I remember Korea’s the most. It was a dragon with a man striking down on it. Also they made sugar sculptures and one chef got burned. Help is appreciated.

Tom Trindell answers:

Food network challenge for sugar peices

Paul asks…

Who is your favorite Food Network personality?

i like Giada DeLaurentiis…even thought she has weirdly short arms.
my husband and i call her t-rex because of the arm thing, but she has great recipes.

Tom Trindell answers:

I LOVE the Food Network !
Ina Garten -Barefoot Contessa is my absolute favorite
and I like
Guy Fieri- Guys Big Bite and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

WOOT! Food Network ROCKS !

George asks…

any recipe from a food network chef with a steak?

i want a recipe that any chef made in fn with a steak.

Tom Trindell answers:

There are many chefs on Food Network that has great recipes with steak. Steak is one of the top 20 most used ingredient by Food Network chefs.

Here’s a recipe of Steak Florentine made by Giada De Laurentiis. Http://

Here’s another steak recipe of Blow Torch Steak made by the comedic Paula Deen.

Here’s a recipe for Sliced Steak made by FN chef/talk show host, Rachael Ray.

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