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Daniel asks…

Travel channel or food network? about houston bbq, tamale, kolache.?

what was the show call? i wanted to check out the bbq n the kolache. it was on either the travel channel or food network i forgot

Tom Trindell answers:

Food Network

Michael asks…

Was Next Food Network Star fixed by the network?

Possible spoiler alert: If you don’t want a tip off as to who wins then don’t read.

The semi-final episode where they decided to carry all 3 contestants into the finals was suspicious considering it was pretty clear to me which two should have advanced after the poor performance of the third. Now that Food Network accidently revealed the results of the final episode before it airs and the winner is the person who should have went home, it sure seems like they had the winner selected at least 2 weeks ago.

If you want to see who won (or I should say who will win) click here:¤t=oops3.png
Sorry the link no longer works. Food Network had posted interviews on the contestants pages. Adam and Lisa’s were labeled “exit interviews” while Aaron’s was labeled “Winning Moment”.

Tom Trindell answers:

It was fixed from the beginning. Aaron wasn’t spectacular in any episode and I sure as hell never saw this “great personality” that the judges were always touting about. In the semi final episode Aaron was described as having “7 great weeks, 1 really bad week.” Really??? I recall him and Adam serving undercooked eggs in episode 2. Granted, the food was Adam’s fault but Adam excelled in his presentation whereas Aaron bombed. Hardly a “great week”. His potato presentation in week 3 was so so, his fish was dry in week 4, in week 7 he wouldn’t have even finished his chicken parmesan without an assist from Lisa. So how does this translate to “7 great weeks”? The fact is he only had 1 great week, average to below average the rest. Now consider this, on the Rachel Ray episode where Aaron did great, who had the cutest, most adorable girl scout? Aaron did. That girl was so cute she could’ve made Nipa look good. Jump ahead 2 weeks to the semi final challenges. Guy Fieri was given charge over coaching Lisa and Adam on their promos while Bobby Flay coached Aaron. Let’s face it.. Guy sucked as a coach, in fact he was kinda like.. A jerk. On the other hand Aaron got some great personal coaching from Bobby Flay hmm.. Then they follow up with a controversial decision to bring all 3 of them into the finals despite the fact that there was 1 OBVIOUS loser for that challenge. Aaron put on the absolute worst performance EVER on this show and they can’t make the decision to send him packing?! And now you’re telling me the guy who got a free ride last week won the final challenge?? What a joke, please don’t insult my intelligence. Of the 3 pilot presentations, Adam’s presentation was the most creative and entertaining. Lisa’s presentation was just as good as Aaron’s, plus she came off as more knowledgeable about her food. Anyways, Gee! Big surprise when they announced Aaron as the winner. Thank you for watching “The Next Fixed Network Star.” 😛

Sandra asks…

who was eliminated last night on the next food network star?

7/6/08 next food network star elimination

Tom Trindell answers:

Everyone is right, it was Shane. He did a very bad job on Rachel Ray’s show and didn’t even remember the poor little girls name. I felt bad for her because he ignored her the whole time.
I actually like Kelsey. She didn’t do very well last night because, imo, the judges are confusing her. They tell her to be more assertive and when she does, they shoot her down. But last night she didn’t do much as far as cooking and had the little girl and Rachel do all the work. However, I think she should win. She has a very upbeat personality and I think her youth would be a good additive to the Food Network. She def knows her food and has a very likeable personality.
Arron is OK but I think he is boring and doesn’t bring anything exciting to the table. He’s just sorta ‘there’. Lisa, although she has improved, is a little rough around the edges and is too stressed all the time. She makes me nervous and uneasy when I watch her. The funny guy, i think his name is Adam, doesn’t have the food knowledge to pull it off. Just my thoughts!

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