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Carol asks…

Anyone know the name of an educational games site?

I remember playing a few months ago on a games site. It had fast paced intellectual games on it that were live – you could see other users playing on them. They were general knowledge games mostly. The problem is I really cannot remember the websites name – I’ve looked on Google and Yahoo but the right site never comes up. Any ideas of what site it may be?
Sorry but it isn’t any of the answers provided so far. I must stress that it is an adult website – so nothing like clubpenguin or funbrain.

Tom Trindell answers:

Thomas asks…

Can Someone help me please?

Can someone give me more sites like this:
Not those kind. look at the link.
plz answer

Tom Trindell answers:


David asks…

Does anyone know any good kids sites for 1st and 2nd graders?

I’m working on the website for my daughters school. I want to make some links to some good sites for kids, both fun and educational. Also some reference sites for parents would be great too

Tom Trindell answers:

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